Success is Best Shared

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back. Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich helps women increase their leads, brand awareness, and influence using LinkedIn by facilitating co-marketing partnerships between them.


Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich's business focus is co-marketing. Co-marketing is the process of two brands promoting each other's offerings to their respective audiences, without having to create new products or services.

Aligning your company’s interests, resources, and marketing muscle with other like-minded women-owned companies to accomplish much more than you might be able to do on your own is the smart way to grow your profits. Download our co-marketing guide.

“Surround yourself with WOMEN on LINKEDIN who have DREAMS, DESIRE & AMBITION; they’ll help you PUSH for, and REALIZE YOUR OWN.”

Jerrilynn B. Thomas

Sharon Ringier - I’m Possible Women’s Empowerment Collaborative, Inc.

I’m Possible Women’s Empowerment Collaborative, Inc. was designed to help female entrepreneurs grow their businesses and themselves to their fullest potential. Sharon Ringier produces conferences, ultimate masterminds, small business panels, networking events just to name a few. Lady leaders become members to move their dreams forward.  Connect on LinkedIn

Co-Marketing Program Overview

It takes a village to build visibility on LinkedIn. What women are missing when it comes to LinkedIn is a collaborative approach to harness its economic power. The objective of Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich's LinkedIn co-marketing program is to spark collaborative marketing relationships between 1,000,000 professional, Main Street & virtual business women so they can thrive INSTEAD OF just survive by cross-pollinating their marketing skills and female connections. It's an opportunity for them to find powerhouse women to enhance their marketing campaigns.


  • Co-Authors & Co-Podcasters
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Leaders to Launch Chapters
  • Event Sponsors & Collaborators
  • Advisory Board Members

Program Benefits

  • Get comfortable with using LinkedIn's features.
  • Implement strategies to cross-pollinate your LinkedIn followers so you can boost the number of eyeballs that see your marketing content.
  • Find collaborative marketing partners to add to your marketing tribe so you can reduce the amount of time and cost to implement your marketing campaigns.
  • Stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn; identify your ideal female audience; fill your guest spots; and secure sponsors & advertisers.

Target Audience

  • Business coaches & consultants who give webinars and or create e-courses who want to fill their seats, sell their sponsorship & advertising packages, and attract speaking engagements.
  • Podcasters & vloggers as well as vodcasters who are looking to expand their female audience; fill their guest spots; and secure sponsors & advertisers.
  • Authors that specialize in B2B topics who want to secure contributors; speaking engagements to promote their books; in-person events to sell their books at in exchange for promoting the event; launch a book club; etc.
  • & More

The Endgame

  • Sell out your events
  • Catapult your book & ecourse sales
  • Fill up your coaching & consulting hours
  • Grow your membership base
  • Keep your cash register going kaching
  • & so much more

Why spend your valuable marketing hours trying to capture one client at a time when you can secure 10 or more by creating win-win collaborative marketing relationships with complementary business and professional people who can open doors for your business? 

How it Works


Grab a Spot

After signing up, detailed information is gathered from program participants about their businesses, marketing plans, goals, LinkedIn skills, & more to facilitate their involvement in Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich's LinkedIn co-marketing program.


Schedule Onboarding 

Lunch hour sessions, Eastern & Pacific, via Google Meet with collaborative marketing strategist Jerrilynn B. Thomas help new participants get settled in and lay the foundation to engage in co-marketing on LinkedIn. Grab your lunch, marketing plans, LinkedIn questions, and settle in for a 30 – 45 minute session.


Let the Co-Marketing Begin!

Group lunch-hour co-working/marketing sessions held via Google Meet spark the development of dynamic collaborative marketing strategies and content around key PR holidays (Women's Small Business Month, Shameless Promotion Month, Small Business Saturday, etc.) to advance the weekly marketing goals of program participants while fine-tuning their LinkedIn skills.

LinkedIn Co-Marketing Program

Cultivate a new client base | Blend your expertise | Differentiate your business

Beta Premier $499 (Reg. $1200) Save $700!!!

Video business introduction

Collaborative Marketing Bootcamp

co-marketing intensive / Co-Working Sessions

LinkedIn Live Co-marketing panel discussions

Group LinkedIn Audio Events

Co-marketing Cluster Formation

expert business webinars

E-mixers & Collaborative Marketing Partner Pitch Events

linkedin Team 100 development

Smart women partner on LinkedIn to educate themselves on how to use the features to amplify their marketing messages so they can prosper together using the powerhouse professional platform. By getting involved in the Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich LinkedIn co-marketing program, you will have access to:

  • Video Introduction: A video that introduces you to the women involved in the co-marketing program and LinkedIn's women in biz community will be distributed. Spotlight who you are interested in partnering with and what you bring to the table to make partnering with you worthwhile along with how to connect with you on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn Collaborative Marketing Boot Camp to get your creative juices flowing & set the stage for your Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich co-marketing activities.
  • Quarterly LinkedIn co-marketing intensives, the One Million Woman Link Up Blitz, facilitated during weekly lunch hour co-marketing/co-working sessions that delve deep into LinkedIn’s individual features and explore creative ways to collaboratively market your business using them along with buzz-worthy PR holidays so you can expand your marketing reach. No fluff. Just the info you need to strategically use the features and a LOT of brainstorming so you can implement and tie your marketing campaigns to other complementary women-owned businesses whose target audience and female LinkedIn connections can benefit from doing business with you. 
  • Small and large group LinkedIn Live panel discussions created around co-marketing clusters strategically put together by Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich to address the needs of niche-specific audiences to showcase your expertise. For example: Tips and strategies for TEDx speakers to help them monetize their talk featuring a sales strategist, marketing consultant, PR consultant, e-course content strategist, and collaborative marketing strategist. Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich provides outside-the-box co-marketing strategies to showcase your strengths.
  • LinkedIn Audio Events that provide you with the opportunity to showcase your business along with the types of women you are interested in collaborating with while interacting with LinkedIn's women in business community.
  • Assistance with forming a Co-marketing Cluster with 5 – 15 complementary women-owned businesses to provide your shared target audience with access to the products and services they need to accomplish a shared business goal – launch a membership organization, form a non-profit, monetize being a TEDx speaker, helping rural businesswomen build a presence online, etc. Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich facilitates special events to help you attract collaborative marketing partners and brainstorm to identify lucrative shared business goals.
  • Complimentary and low-cost expert business webinars facilitated by special guests that specialize in sales, marketing, public relations, financial planning, and more to help you advance your financial goals. You also have the opportunity to pitch us to facilitate a webinar to showcase your expertise.
  • Innovative E-mixers to gather business intelligence about LinkedIn’s women in biz community and prospect for collaborative marketing partners. Discover the types of business and consumer products and services they plan to purchase in the next 6 months along with their short and long-term business goals.

We offer participants the opportunity to pitch each other to collaborate on webinars, conferences, articles, newsletters, etc., and attract collaborative marketing partners. We have a special event that brings together women from the List Of Influential African American Business Women You Should Follow On LinkedIn & Phenomenal Women on LinkedIn Who Can Help You Grow Your Business in 2022 to facilitate collaborative marketing relationships with Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich. Cost range from complimentary to $50.

  • Tools and networking resources to develop, grow, nurture and cross-pollinate your individual LinkedIn Team 100 – female LinkedIn members who commit to sharing your content daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Refer a business associate and get $200 off renewal. 


Women & LinkedIn Survey

Please take our Collaboration is Queen Survey for the opportunity to be matched up with powerhouse female LinkedIn users who are looking for collaborative marketing partners. LinkedIn is the ultimate marketing playground for business-savvy women. Set aside 5 minutes to fill it out. It contains numerous PR opportunities.