One Million Woman Link Up is now the home of the powerhouse collaborative marketing partnership initiative One Million Woman Link Up. It’s a high profile large scale collaborative marketing project with LinkedIn as the “backdrop” that busy business and professional women from a wide range of industries can plug their businesses into. Its vision is to be the catalyst that changes the way women view and use LinkedIn for business collaboration to grow their sales and support each other so they can build multi-million dollar ventures. Free and premium founding partnership levels available to fit every budget.

Build Your Tribe

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back. Aligning your company’s interests, resources, and marketing muscle with other like-minded women-owned companies to accomplish much more than you might be able to do on your own is the smart way to grow your profits.

The Marketing Projects

Collaborative marketing projects organized for One Million Woman Link Up partners incorporate characteristics of mastermind groups, business incubators, workshops, and more as part of their implementation to help them join forces to sell out their events, catapult their book sales, fill up their coaching hours and more.

"The One Million Woman Link Up nurtures creative collaborative business relationships forged between complementary business and professional women who want to grow their female client base using LinkedIn."


What Women are Missing When it Comes to LinkedIn

The purpose of the One Million Woman Link Up is to provide business and professional people with a platform to attract their ideal collaborative marketing partners using LinkedIn so they can sell out their events, catapult their book sales, fill up their coaching hours, and more without breaking a sweat.

What women are missing when it comes to LinkedIn is a collaborative approach to harness its economic power.  There are over 259 million women on LinkedIn. How many do you interact with on a daily basis? Probably not enough to impact your bottom-line. You can change that by getting involved in the One Million Woman Link Up.

Why spend your valuable marketing hours trying to capture one client at a time when you can secure 10 or more by creating win-win collaborative marketing relationships with complementary business and professional people who can open doors for your business? It’s a proven fact that collaborative business relationships fuel innovation, save time on marketing and cut business costs. 

Make 2019 the year that you build a multi-million dollar collaborative marketing plan of action.  


Powerhouse Networking & Collaborative Marketing Programs


Virtual Biz Tour

As part of a virtual business tour of LinkedIn’s women in business market, One Million Woman Link Up participants will have their inspiring business stories displayed via social media.

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Women involved in the One Million Woman Link Up will have their inspiring business journeys and partnering preferences spread across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, Alignable and Twitter as part of a virtual business exhibit/tour to showcase the collaborative power of LinkedIn’s women in business community.

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Roundtables & Mastermind Group

Smart Women Partner & Shop Local Roundtables help One Million Woman Link Up participants build their own local collaborative marketing tribes comprised of virtual, professional and brick & mortar women.

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Mastermind sessions help them build international and or national collaborative marketing tribes.

The Roundtables and Mastermind sessions include collaborative business partner matchmaking and joint marketing activities with a special emphasis on women-centric LinkedIn marketing solutions.

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Reward Program

Earn points for inviting your female LinkedIn connections to get involved in the One Million Woman Link Up that you can use to get more exposure in the form of PR & marketing.  

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Invite your female LinkedIn connections to get involved in the One Million Woman Link Up and earn points that you can use to gain more exposure. PR and marketing perks are activated for every 10 women you bring into the movement. Being that involvement is free, you will have no problem with earning points.

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Business Sprout Socials

Business Sprout Socials conducted via the Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich Slack community help One Million Woman Link Up participants collaborate on their new website, product, and service launches while getting settled in.

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They have the option to document their collaboration in a guest blog post that is heavily promoted to inspire other women to forge collaborative marketing partnerships.

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Virtual PJ Parties

24 hour Virtual PJ parties help new participants get settled into the One Million Woman Link Up by going on a fun business quest that allows them to access their new perks. 

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Virtual PJ Parties are an opportunity to forge the first of many collaborative marketing partnerships within the One Million Woman Link Up and discover how to monetize the powerhouse women’s business movement. New and seasoned participants will partner together on business missions. By the time everyone completes their missions, they will have earned points that unlock special PR and marketing perks.Grab your favorite coffee or wine and munchies and settle in for an evening of relaxed yet stimulating networking.

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Crowdsourcing Campaign

crowdsourcing campaign is being implemented to attract alliances, marketing resources, support services, new perks, ideas, and more to catapult the growth of the One Million Woman Link Up in 2019. 

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Insert an item in the next 100 Virtual Swag Bags given to the women who get involved in the One Million Woman Link Up. As thanks, your news brief will be published on our site and shared on LinkedIn’s publishing platform. 

Do you blog, vlog, podcast, etc.? If you allow one of our One Million Woman Link Up ambassadors to provide a brief quote about the movement along with their interest in partnering, we will promote your show or blog in our business resource so you can attract our partners and search engines. 

Those of just two of the many ways you can get involved in our crowdsourcing campaign.

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Millionairess Circle

The “money” perk of the Millionairess Circle is having your biz positioned in front of One Million Woman Link Up participants interested in your type of products and services. 

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The Millionairess Circle is a special perk offered to One Million Woman Link Up participants who purchase a micro spotlight package, sponsorship package, premium event access, etc. Millionairess Circle Members partner with founder Jerrilynn B. Thomas to increase awareness of the One Million Woman Link Up along with their businesses.

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Social Networking Groups

One Million Woman Link Up participants are provided with numerous ways to interact. A Pinterest community, Facebook group, LinkedIn group, and Slack community. Each group and community has a specific purpose

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A Pinterest community is available for them to exchange business information and pins related to collaborative marketing and LinkedIn. A Facebook group is available for them to exchange LinkedIn information to grow their connections. A LinkedIn group is available to help them get settled into the movement. A Slack community is available to keep them up to date while providing them a collaboration hub. 

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Thank You Ladies!

Your support of the One Million Woman Link Up is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for purchasing a sponsorship package and participating in our premium events.

Connect With Our Premier Founding Partners On LinkedIn


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  • Share what’s innovative and exciting about your business along with how you can help women thrive in 2019.
  • Share the types of businesses you are interested in cross marketing with in 2019.
  • Share what you would like them to bring to the table to make partnering with them worthwhile. 

News & Events

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