Cross-Pollinate Your Business to Expand Its Reach

Business Sprout Socials conducted via the Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich Slack community help One Million Woman Link Up participants collaborate on their new website, product and service launches. They have the option to document their collaboration in a guest blog post that is heavily promoted to inspire other women to forge collaborative marketing partnerships.

One Million Woman Link Up participants can add themselves to the guest list. The sign-up form gathers info about what they are working on and how others’ can collaborate with them. An announcement will go out via Slack notifications to alert everyone about the collaborative marketing partnership opportunity. If you haven’t accepted your Slack invitation, please so ASAP so you can stay on top of activities.

Have you added your business to the One Million Woman Link Up yet?

The One Million Woman Link Up does not offer memberships. Membership implies something will be done for you. Whereas the women who get involved will work together to build the One Million Woman Link Up so it can benefit their bottom-line. Free and fee-based involvement is available to accommodate different budgets and business goals. The “fee” for participating in any project or event is simply helping to grow the One Million Woman Link Up by bringing two female LinkedIn connections into the movement.

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