Jerrilynn B. Thomas

Founder & Women’s LinkedIn Collaborative Marketing Strategist

Jerrilynn B Thomas

I was inspired by the founders of iVillage, Women’s Wire, and more that launched in the mid 90’s.

I landed online in the mid ’90s when it was merely a series of bulletin boards, listservs, and less than 30,000 websites with a dream to connect with like-mind women from across the globe while bringing in additional income for my family. It was a Godsend for me since I was extremely introverted. Some of the same women I met at the start of my journey on the Digital Women listserv are still a part of my networking circle.

Savvy Female Entrepreneur Led to Online Women’s Chamber of Commerce

My journey began with a newsletter, Savvy Female Entrepreneur, and morphed into the Women’s News Bureau as I soaked up the knowledge shared by the wonderful women I met. I continued my journey by launching a women’s networking site, The Business Diva Network to keep up with the ever-changing Internet which morphed into the International Virtual Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

Found my true calling with Women Partner

The International Virtual Women’s Chamber of Commerce morphed into Women Partner to cement my dedication to helping women partner instead of merely selling to each other.  I really loved providing women with creative cross-marketing ideas based upon the type of business they had.

Enhanced Women Partner to Make a Bolder Statement: “Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich”

“Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich!” is a quote I came up with years ago to inspire my female LinkedIn connections to forge collaborative marketing relationships with me. When I finally decided to build a website to promote the importance of forging collaborative marketing partnerships using LinkedIn, I knew it was the perfect name.

The names of my websites and ventures may have changed but my focus has always been the same — working with collaborative spirited women.

Experimented with One Million Woman Link Up Years Ago

I tested the waters years ago with my signature business initiative, the One Million Woman Link Up, by getting women to sign a pledge to engage in collaborative marketing activities in exchange for taking part in an online networking mixer. It was well-received. It wasn’t until the Million Woman March that I decided to devote my full attention to creating a women’s business movement around LinkedIn with a special emphasis on the Shop Local movement.  It was so inspiring to see women come together on a local, national, and global level to impact change.

Shared Marketing Experience for the Offline & Online Women in Biz Community

One of the goals of Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich is ensuring that Main Street business and professional women are able to access the invaluable online marketing skills of local virtual businesswomen to push their monthly marketing messages on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google My Business, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., in return for providing them with offline marketing exposure.

My Specialties

  • Small group business introduction events
  • Collaborative marketing partner matchmaking events
  • Intimate LinkedIn publicity and promotion campaigns that target women

My 5 to Thrive

I am interested in partnering with …

  • Business development & growth consultants
  • Collaborators & micro-influencers
  • LinkedIn experts, Instagram experts, Twitter experts, etc. (must specialize in one specific social networking platform)
  • Sales & marketing experts
  • Networking experts & leaders of business groups/organizations


Brief Bio for Interviews

Collaborative marketing strategist Jerrilynn B. Thomas is the founder of Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich, a hub of powerful networking and co-marketing opportunities for women entrepreneurs. With a passion for connecting women in business, Jerrilynn has created high-profile, large-scale collaborative marketing projects that women from a wide range of industries can plug their businesses into. With 18 years of experience in LinkedIn, Jerrilynn has combined her knowledge and expertise to create a powerhouse co-marketing program to help aspiring 7-figure businesswomen cross-pollinate their marketing skills and female LinkedIn connections, so they can sell out their events, catapult their book sales, and fill up their coaching hours. To learn more about Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich’s LinkedIn co-marketing program for B2B women, visit

Photo for Interviews

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Yearbook Celebrates LinkedIn's Female B2B Content Creators

Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich’s annual “Yearbook”, created as part of the LinkedIn Co-Marketing Lab Event Series, highlights the top activities of LinkedIn's female B2B community, as well as the latest platform updates that helped them up their game. The publication includes tons of tips and tricks on how to use LinkedIn features collaboratively, PR holidays you can use to build joint content around, introductions to SWPGR program participants you can reach out to for collaboration, and much more. Request your complimentary copy today.