Co-Marketing Intensive

LinkedIn Co-Marketing Accelerator for Aspiring 7-Figure B2B Women

Launch Your High-Ticket Offer by Forging Lucrative Collaborative Marketing Partnerships With Your LinkedIn Female Connections

When you are finally ready to create your high-ticket offer (conference, membership program, retreat, etc.), co-marketing with your female LinkedIn connections can be the smart route to take to reduce stress and the time it takes to launch.

At least five months before the roll-out, take part in Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich’s LinkedIn B2B Co-marketing Accelerator to incorporate strategies that allow you to borrow other people’s networks and reach to sell out your events, catapult your book and e-course sales, fill up your coaching and consulting hours, grow your membership base, and more. FYI: Get 4 VIP sponsors can cover the cost of your participation.

Need to increase marketing visibility but short on resources? Co-marketing is your solution. Tap into other people’s audiences.

The LinkedIn B2B Co-marketing Accelerator includes three VIP Day Events with collaborative marketing strategist Jerrilynn B. Thomas. During the sessions, Jerrilynn will work with you to create and implement a collaborative marketing plan around your high-ticket offer that incorporates LinkedIn. You’ll also learn how to use “other people’s money” to reimburse yourself for your investment in the program.

The key to co-marketing success is partnering with peers who target similar audiences but don’t directly compete with your business or your brand. With over 300 million business and professional women, LinkedIn is the premier source of women-owned businesses and women in high positions who would be ideal co-marketing partners.

Co-marketing is about sharing audiences and resources between two complementary brands to execute a campaign that neither one could do as effectively alone.

Jerrilynn will facilitate a group virtual cup of coffee between you and your co-marketing partners, audit and plan your cross-marketing strategy with your female LinkedIn connections, and help you create content to attract them. You’ll receive expert guidance on optimizing your LinkedIn “real estate,” including your profile, newsletter, Company Page, Service Page, and posts.

Unleash Your Creativity and Ingenuity with Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich’s Co-Marketing Lab Events

As a bonus, the program includes two Co-Marketing Lab Events. Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich’s Co-Marketing Lab Event Series is a groundbreaking initiative that offers four carefully curated, large-scale marketing projects, unveiled one per quarter, timed to coincide with PR holidays that provide ample opportunities for maximum visibility. These events utilize out-of-the-box, outside-the-lines strategies that showcase the creativity and ingenuity of the women who take part in them.

Collaborate and Conquer: Launch Your Next Big Project with the LinkedIn B2B Co-Marketing Accelerator

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your LinkedIn game to the next level with the LinkedIn B2B Co-marketing Accelerator and the Co-Marketing Lab Event Series. You can sell out your events, catapult your book and e-course sales, fill up your coaching and consulting hours, grow your membership base, and more by taking part in the Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich LinkedIn B2B Co-marketing Accelerator. Depending on the type of event, Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich may even offer its “marketing muscle” by becoming a co-marketing partner.

Two LinkedIn Co-Marketing Lab Events

Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich’s dynamic event series revolves around four large-scale, innovative, collaborative marketing projects rolled out one per quarter around a PR holiday that piggyback on each other. It brings together female B2B coaches, consultants, course creators, service providers, and speakers. They are able to pool their resources to create a bigger marketing campaign than they would have been able to do on their own.

The outside-the-box marketing strategies incorporated into the event series position the women who take part in them as leaders within LinkedIn’s women in business community.  The collaborative marketing projects provide networking, 1/2 page advertising, featured business listings, support, and PR. You will be able to select two of the large-scale collaborative marketing partnerships to plug your business DNA into to expand your business visibility on LinkedIn. For more information about LinkedIn Co-Marketing Lab Events, click here.

3 VIP Day Events

During the VIP Day Events we will …

A. Lay the foundation: 12 hours in total will be dedicated to laying the foundation for your business project’s co-marketing campaign that will support its launch, spread over 3 VIP Day events each lasting 4 hours.

B. Build a blueprint: During the VIP Day events, we will build a blueprint for your project’s co-marketing campaign, weave in a strategy to quickly recoup your investment, and turn it into a roadmap broken down into individual tasks.

C. Optimize LinkedIn assets: We will also makeover all of your LinkedIn assets to incorporate and promote your business project and attract female B2B co-marketing partners.

D. Identify potential partners: We’ll audit your female connections to identify which ones to build co-marketing partnership with and those to approach to discuss forming cross-marketing partnerships with.

E. Create social media content: Finally, we’ll create social media content around PR holidays to support the project launch and attract more female B2B co-marketing partners to help you launch successfully.

4 Virtual Cups of Coffee & 20 Days of Email Support

You will receive support via 3 15-minute virtual cups of coffee along with 20 days of email support after the VIP Day Events have been completed to help launch your project within 30 days. 45-minute group virtual cup of coffee with you and your co-marketing partners to initiate your co-marketing campaign.

Take Your High Ticket Offer to a New Level Using Co-Marketing

Take your business project to the next level with the LinkedIn B2B Co-Marketing Accelerator! You bring the business idea. Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich will help you inject the business DNA and “marketing muscle” of your top-tier female connections into your business project to exponentially expand its marketing reach within LinkedIn’s community of 300+ million business and professional women.   

Sign up now and get exclusive access to the LinkedIn B2B Co-marketing Accelerator at a special price of $2000, regularly priced at $4000!







Yearbook Celebrates LinkedIn's Female B2B Content Creators

Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich’s annual “Yearbook”, created as part of the LinkedIn Co-Marketing Lab Event Series, highlights the top activities of LinkedIn's female B2B community, as well as the latest platform updates that helped them up their game. The publication includes tons of tips and tricks on how to use LinkedIn features collaboratively, PR holidays you can use to build joint content around, introductions to SWPGR program participants you can reach out to for collaboration, and much more. Request your complimentary copy today.