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Does This Describe You?

You’ve finally realized that LinkedIn is the ideal platform to market your B2B products and services. But you haven’t kept up with its updates and features, and now the platform seems more daunting than ever. You’re falling behind and unsure of how to leverage all that LinkedIn offers to help businesses.

Since LinkedIn has quietly been tweaking its features, you don’t even know where to go in the profile section to update your website and email address. The image next to your company is a blurry square, whereas your competitors’ profiles have their logos next to theirs. You have no idea how to fix this problem.

You’ve heard of Creator Mode, but you were so busy using other platforms that you have no idea what it is or if yours is turned on. You started looking at your competition’s LinkedIn profile and noticed that they have a Service page that lists what they do and offers visitors the opportunity to submit a request.

You might think that it’s a paid feature that you don’t have access to. You also probably noticed that their LinkedIn profile URL is branded and doesn’t have numbers like yours. You have no idea how to shorten and make yours easier to remember so you can instantly give it to prospects.

If you haven’t been active on LinkedIn, there is likely much that you do not know about the platform. What you need is a tour guide: someone who can walk you through the individual features, starting with your profile, so you can learn where everything is and how to use it. Additionally, you need a strategy to re-engage with your connections and make new ones that cater to your target audience. Collaborative marketing strategist Jerrilynn B. Thomas can help you with both.

Building visibility on LinkedIn requires a community effort. Your LinkedIn ‘real estate’ should support your business growth goals by attracting co-marketing partners who can open doors that were previously inaccessible, boost your visibility on LinkedIn, and inspire you to become the successful businesswoman you were destined to be.

Jerrilynn can assist you in structuring your LinkedIn profile, service page, company page, newsletter, and more, while also demonstrating how to add a collaborative marketing spin to them. This approach will help you connect with women on LinkedIn who share your dreams, desires, and ambition, and who can assist you in achieving your own goals.

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Pre-Strategy Session + VIP Day Session + Follow Up + Collab

Jerrilynn will gather information about your business, competition, industry-adjacent companies, target audience, LinkedIn “real estate,” and business goals to develop an action plan that includes innovative ways to collaborate with your complementary female LinkedIn connections. You will then work together for 4 hours via Google Meet to implement the plan. A follow-up 30-minute virtual coffee date will be scheduled for the following week. As a thank-you for hiring her, Jerrilynn will also invite you to partner on an article for Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich’s LinkedIn newsletter.

Give Your LinkedIn "Real Estate" a Collaborative Marketing Makeover

With over 900 million users, including at least 500 million business and professional women, and a focus on B2B content creators, LinkedIn is a platform that cannot be ignored. Real business is conducted on LinkedIn by women who use it as a marketing playground to collaborate with their female connections. Jerrilynn can help you improve your LinkedIn skills and share collaborative marketing insights that you can apply to your business, allowing you to re-engage with your female LinkedIn connections. If your goal this year is to expand your female client base using LinkedIn, schedule a session with LinkedIn collaborative marketing strategist Jerrilynn B. Thomas.

VIP Day Sessions are $499 (Introductory rate). Fill out the discovery form to inquire about getting on Jerrilynn’s schedule for your VIP Day. 

One Hour Sessions Available for $125 Upon Request







Yearbook Celebrates LinkedIn's Female B2B Content Creators

Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich’s annual “Yearbook”, created as part of the LinkedIn Co-Marketing Lab Event Series, highlights the top activities of LinkedIn's female B2B community, as well as the latest platform updates that helped them up their game. The publication includes tons of tips and tricks on how to use LinkedIn features collaboratively, PR holidays you can use to build joint content around, introductions to SWPGR program participants you can reach out to for collaboration, and much more. Request your complimentary copy today.