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 Ladies together we can make a dramatic difference in our bottom-lines using LinkedIn as our marketing playground. Select one or more of the collaborative marketing projects and events below to get involved in.

 Featured Project

“100 Women Partner & Shop Local” Article Series

To boost awareness of the One Million Woman Link Up, the powerhouse business list/article series “100 Women Partner & Shop local” is being put together to spark collaborative marketing partnerships between powerhouse business, professional and Main Street women on 2019 Small Business Saturday (November 30).  The series will introduce buzz-worthy PR holidays women can build their marketing campaigns around leading up to Small Business Saturday and collaborative marketing partner vetting strategies along with the collaborative marketing preferences of 100 women involved in the One Million Woman Link Up.

  • Part one is live.
  • Part two will be published in July as part of Independent Retailer Month. It will highlight the specialized marketing needs of brick & mortar businesses as well as the marketing opportunities they can provide virtual business women.
  • Part three will be published in the fall. It will feature business and professional women who specialize in helping women grow their visibility and sales.
  • We’re looking for women who own brick & mortar businesses to interview for the series.

Find out how you can be one of the 100 women listed in the article series’ directory section. 

    Featured Event September. 18 – 21

    Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich! Event

    3-day hybrid collaborative business partner matchmaker/mastermind event that will bring together aspiring 7 figure business and professional women in complementary industries who want join forces to grow their female client base by marketing to LinkedIn’s community of 259+ million business and professional women. Participants will combine their marketing resources and strengths along with their business expertise to develop and implement a high-powered collaborative marketing campaign that ties together their individual business so they can funnel traffic and clients to each other.  Participation is limited to 10 women.  

    The event will bring together …
    • Organizers of business retreats, cruises, mixers, seminars, summits, conferences, pop-up events, etc.
    • Business coaches/consultants 
    • Authors and bloggers that specialize in B2B topics
    • Leaders of women’s business groups/membership sites 
    • Podcasters/vloggers
    • Providers of business support products and services (marketing, PR, SEO, web design, virtual assistance & more)

    Grab one of the ten spots.

     Featured Project

    Partner to Give E-Mixers for LinkedIn’s Women in Biz Community

    LinkedIn has 259+ million female members. Let’s step out from the crowd on the professional network by partnering to give mini pop-up virtual mixers to meet as many of them as we can.  Business and professional women who are on LinkedIn are looking for opportunities to talk about their businesses. We are going to provide them with a powerhouse safe space to do so. We can use the e-mixers to build our marketing tribes and grow our female client base.

    • Founding One Million Woman Link Up partner status required to partner on the mixers. 
    • Earn points that you can use to acquire bonus PR and marketing to boost your exposure.

    Featured Project

    Crowdsourcing Campaign to Grow the One Million Woman Link Up

    To catapult the growth of the One Million Woman Partner Link Up we are organizing a crowdsourcing campaign on LinkedIn so we can reduce the amount of time and money it takes to accomplish our goal of sparking collaborative marketing relationships between 1,000,000 professional, Main Street & virtual businesswomen.


     Featured Event

    Pop-Up Summer Biz Introduction Event For LinkedIn’s Women In Biz Community

    How many women do you personally interact with on LinkedIn on a daily basis? Probably not enough to dramatically impact your bottom-line. Let’s change that this summer! Take part in the pop-up business introduction event, “Hello My Name Is …” E-Mixer, organized by Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich! and its collaborative marketing partners 

    • Post your detailed introduction with tips on how to use your products and services.
    • Share what’s new and exciting with your business so it can be shared on LinkedIn by Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich!.

    Complete the 2019 LinkedIn Women in Business Survey in order to receive the link to the private LinkedIn group. You have 7 days to network before the group is purged of guests.