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One Million Woman Link Up Blitz

End 2022 on Top by Monetizing LinkedIn

Cultivate and create your dream marketing tribe of powerhouse women who can open doors for your business and advance your 4th business quarter marketing plans by taking part in the One Million Woman Link Up Blitz (Aug. 29 – Dec. 29, 2022) led by collaborative marketing strategist Jerrilynn B. Thomas, founder of Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich. Co-marketing is the process of two or more brands promoting each other’s offerings to their respective audiences, without having to create new products or services.

Registration Fee: $250 — Activitied kick off Monday, August 29 with a lunch hour Back to Basics session (Eastern Time Zone) to explore all of the new features LinkedIn has made to the personal profile section so that everyone is comfortable with making changes to their profiles in preparation for co-marketing together. Full activities kick off September 12, 2022.

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Yearbook Celebrates LinkedIn's Female B2B Content Creators

Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich’s annual “Yearbook”, created as part of the LinkedIn Co-Marketing Lab Event Series, highlights the top activities of LinkedIn's female B2B community, as well as the latest platform updates that helped them up their game. The publication includes tons of tips and tricks on how to use LinkedIn features collaboratively, PR holidays you can use to build joint content around, introductions to SWPGR program participants you can reach out to for collaboration, and much more. Request your complimentary copy today.