Women Partnering to Grow Their Female Client Base


The One Million Woman Link Up was launched to help professional, Main Street & virtual business women increase their leads, brand awareness and influence using LinkedIn so they can thrive INSTEAD OF just survive by cross-pollinating their marketing skills and female LinkedIn connections.


It is a high profile large scale collaborative marketing project with LinkedIn as the “backdrop” that busy business and professional women from a wide range of industries can plug their businesses into. 


Its many components incorporate characteristics of mastermind groups, business incubators, workshops, and more as part of its implementation to help women join forces to sell out their events, catapult their book sales, fill up their coaching hours and more.


The women who get involved are referred to as Founding Partners. There is a free level for women who just want to get involved so they can submit their business story and have it shared. In exchange for inviting other women to get involved, they build up “currency” to get spotlighted in smaller collaborative marketing projects.


Women who want to piggyback on the One Million Woman Link Up so they can monetize it are invited to join its Millionairess Circle. It requires purchasing a Micro-Spotlight or Introductory Sponsorship Package to show that they are vested in the business initiative. They are priced between $45 and $195 to fit various budgets and marketing goals.


As a member of the Millionairess Circle, women are able to showcase their expertise along with their products and services in front of a growing audience of prospective female clients. They also benefit from the business intelligence gathered from participants when they sign up.


SmartWomenPartner.com contains an overview of One Million Woman Link Up broken down into its top components.

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