2021 One Million Woman Link Up

Powerhouse business initiative/movement launched to spark collaborative marketing relationships between 1,000,000 professional, Main Street & virtual business women so they can thrive INSTEAD OF just survive by cross-pollinating their marketing skills and female LinkedIn connections. They can use their involvement to sell out their events; catapult their book and ecourse sales; fill up their coaching and consulting hours; grow their membership base; and so much more.  

Brings Together Biz & Professional Women Whose Target Audience is Complementary

    Target Audience Overview

    Coaches & Consultants who give webinars and or create e-courses who want to fill their seats, sell their sponsorship/advertising packages, and attract speaking engagements.

    Biz Experts & Organizers who specialize in women’s business events (retreats, cruises, mixers, seminars, conferences, pop-ups, etc.) who want to fill their seats and sell their sponsorship/advertising packages.

    Podcasters & Vloggers who are looking to expand their female audience; fill their guest spots; and secure sponsors/advertisers.

    Authors that specialize in B2B topics who want to secure contributors; speaking engagements (virtual/in-person) that allow them to sell their books; in-person events to sell their books at in exchange for promoting the event; launch a book club; etc.

    Biz Service & Product Suppliers who provide support services and products (VA, video creation, website development, mobile marketing, content creation, etc) that are looking for exposure and new clients.

    One Million Woman Link Up Participants Are Able to Funnel Clients to Each Other

    The One Million Woman Link Up incorporates an entrepreneurial ripple that accommodates a wide variety of business and professional women. The core of the ripple is made up of B2B female solopreneurs and owners of micro-businesses who are authors, podcasters, event organizers (monthly networking events, conferences, webinars, cruises, etc.), and coaches/consultants. 


    1. They are primed to funnel clients to each other and sponsorship opportunities.
    2. They as well as the businesswomen who purchase their books, tickets to their events, listen to their podcasts, etc., in turn, need B2B support products and services (marketing, publicity, incorporation, trademark, SEO, website design, virtual assistance, etc.) to bring their business and marketing projects to life. 
    3. Women involved in the One Million Woman Link Up as well as their customers need consumer products and services (real estate, wardrobe, travel, skincare, healthcare, insurance, fitness, childcare, education, etc.

    In short, the One Million Woman Link Up is a dream marketing funnel for savvy business and professional women who step up to use it to their advantage.

    Micro Collaborative Marketing Projects Planned for 2021
    • Launch of a global women's news bureau broken down by zip codes that shines a spotlight on the women in business market in cities around the globe.
    • Development and implementation of collaborative marketing pitch challenges and contests along with in-person and niche online collaborative marketing events based on industry and location.
    • Formation of collaborative marketing tribes and Women Partner Chapters for each state and country along with niche industry and metro subchapters offer numerous leadership options for business-savvy women
    • More TBA
    Business Lead Fulfillment Networking Events

    When women register for the One Million Woman Link Up, they share their 6-month goals — start a business, incorporate, hire a coach, buy a house, get a new wardrobe, launch a local networking group, hire someone to do SEO, etc. Special events are facilitated to help them find business owners and professionals who can help them accomplish their business and personal goals.

    Monthly Collaborative Marketing Project Subscription E-Boxes

    Monthly Collaborative Marketing Project Subscription E-Boxes

    One Million Woman Link Up participants have access to Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich Subscription E-Boxes to assist them with developing and implementing their own personalized powerhouse monthly cross-marketing campaigns that incorporate key LinkedIn features and PR holidays. The monthly kits include a plan of action, checklists, tips, and more. They will use the projects to build their personal dream 100 tribe so they can expand their marketing reach on LinkedIn. 

    Quick Overview

    The One Million Woman Link Up nurtures creative collaborative business relationships forged between complementary business and professional women who want to grow their female client base using LinkedIn.

    Benefits of Collaborative Marketing Partnerships 
    A Boost in Profits, Knowledge & Resources

    A lot of women are so busy running their businesses that they don’t incorporate partnering into their daily marketing activities. The One Million Woman Link Up aims to change that by showing women how to strategically pool their resources, knowledge, and contacts to expand their marketing reach. 

    Marketing collaboration makes it possible to break into untapped markets, allows you to grow your client base overnight, differentiate your business from the competition, blend your expertise to create new products and services, fast-track marketing campaigns, and more.

    Re-engage With Your Female Linkedin Connections

    LinkedIn is a marketing goldmine that a lot of women have ignored in favor of Facebook. They spend years chasing phantom sales on Facebook before realizing LinkedIn is the platform for real B2B sales.

    The One Million Woman Link Up provides women with the opportunity to re-engage with their female LinkedIn connections that have been gathering “dust” without coming off as spammy.

    LinkedIn’s demographics make it a marketing goldmine. Its users are mature (68% are 35+), wealthier (66% make $60K/year+), and better educated (72% are college grads). 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn. It’s a strictly business platform with a women’s audience comprised of 360+ million business and professional women who understand that you have to spend money in order to make money. It’s one of the best content distribution channels with 9 billion impressions every week. 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn compared to 13% Twitter and 7% Facebook. With over 600 million members in which 44% are women, it’s time for women to stop beating the bushes looking for the clients when they can collaborate their way to a 7 figure business using LinkedIn.

    Vision for the One Million Woman Link Up

    The vision for the One Million Woman Link Up is for it to be the catalyst that changes the way women view and use LinkedIn for business collaboration to grow their sales and support each other so they can build multi-million dollar ventures.

    Founding Partner Status Instead of Membership

    The One Million Woman Link Up does not offer memberships. Membership implies something will be done for you. Whereas the women who get involved will work together to build the One Million Woman Link Up so it can benefit their bottom-line. The women who get involved are referred to as Founding Partners.  

    Prospects Collaborative Marketing Partners Should “Court” You

    Finding collaborative marketing partners can be daunting and time-consuming.

    • Prospects take too long to follow up.
    • They feel they are too busy to consider collaborating because they are wearing all the hats in their business.
    • They are more worried about “what’s in it for me” than the mutual benefits.
    • They say yes but don’t pull their weight.

    You would think that by simply posting an update that you are looking for collaborative marketing partners on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., it would produce tons of interests from your connections.

    Unless you are a celebrity with millions of followers who hang on your every word, you most likely won’t have a large response. Feeds on social networking sites and their groups fill up quickly.  Network updates have a very short life and group members can take weeks to visit to read posts.

    You need to cut through all the chatter and clutter on social networking sites so you can attract a pool of prospective collaborative marketing partners that you can choose from to fast track your projects and profits.

    Reality shows like the Bachelor and Bachelorette allow people to “date” and have prospects compete for their attention while they whittle down their numbers.  They have the right idea.

    As an active One Million Woman Link Up participant, prospective collaborative marketing partners will “court” you to be a part of your marketing campaign instead of you beating the bushes looking for them.

    One of the Most Innovative Aspects of the One Million Woman Link Up

    Business and professional women are on LinkedIn “beating the bushes” looking for people who need their products and services. When women register for the One Million Woman Link Up, they share their 6-month goals – start a business, incorporate, hire a coach, buy a house, get a new wardrobe, launch a local networking group, hire someone to do SEO, etc. Imagine knowing what products and services 1,000,000 women are interested in purchasing?

    The Woman Behind the One Million Woman Link Up

    Women’s LinkedIn Collaborative Marketing Strategist, Jerrilynn B.Thomas, landed on the Internet in the late 90’s when it was merely a series of bulletin boards and listservs with a dream to connect with like-minded women from across the globe. She launched numerous projects for women that included an online magazine, women’s chamber of commerce, news bureau and several others. She has spent the last 16 years using her LinkedIn membership to test and implement collaborative marketing ideas designed to help business and professional women engage with their female connections. 

    Her business specialties include:

    • Small group business introduction events via LinkedIn and web conference
    • Collaborative marketing partner matchmaking events
    • Intimate LinkedIn publicity and promotion campaigns that target women


    She is interested in partnering with women who are:

    • Business Development & Growth Consultants
    • Collaborators & Micro-Influencers
    • LinkedIn Experts 
    • Sales & Marketing Experts
    • Networking Experts & Business Group Leaders

    Introduce Yourself

    We will keep you updated on the progress of our 2020 Influential Women LinkedIn Business Lists so you can request to be included. The lists include Influential African American Business Women You Should Follow On LinkedIn; Phenomenal Female B2B Authors Who Can Take Your Business to the Next Level; 200,000 Business Introductions: Female LinkedIn Members Who See the Value in Rising to the Top Together; & more.

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