Premier Corporate Founder Partner Package

Co-Market on LinkedIn on a Grand Scale While Positioning Yourself In Front Of LinkedIn's 360+ Million Female Users

Secure a spot in our LinkedIn co-marketing program by becoming a One Million Woman Link Up Corporate Premier Founding Partner today. Purchase 5 months in advance for only $350 and get 7 months FREE. (Includes a $25 discount)

Interact with female micro-influencers who can provide you with access to their female LinkedIn connections. They will support your marketing goals by inserting your business into their conferences, webinars, books, e-courses, podcasts, newsletters, and so much more.

You will build strong business relationships that translate into doors opening for your business that were previously inaccessible. LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional network as such it takes a strategic collaborative approach to mine it — One Million Woman Link Up. Make LinkedIn WORK for your business by getting involved so you can grow your female business audience.

Video Introduction

Customized video to officially welcome you to the 1MWLU that spotlights who you are interested in partnering with and what you bring to the table to make partnering with you worthwhile along with how to connect with you on LinkedIn. It will be distributed to Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich’s network.

Spotlight & Press Release Distribution

4 micro-spotlights tied to PR holidays along with 3 press releases distributed to Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich’s network.

Guest Speaker & 1MWLU Podcast Rep

Opportunity to be a virtual guest speaker at a 1MWLU Mastermind, roundtable, webinar, or Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich Chapter event as well as represent the 1MWLU during podcast interviews while shining a spotlight on your business.

Invite to Sit on Powerhouse Women & LinkedIn Roundtable

As thanks, you will receive an invite to have a seat on on the Powerhouse Women & LinkedIn Roundtable scheduled for October 2022, Women’s Small Business Month. It’s an opportunity for leading female business experts to learn from each other and discuss how to strategically use LinkedIn to grow their female client base and sales during the holidays.  

Leadership Opportunities

Assigned a seat on the Main Street Women’s Marketing Collaborative to mix and mingle with brick & mortar businesswomen while helping them navigate the pandemic. Opportunity to spearhead a virtual metro, city, or industry-specific chapter to facilitate local collaborative marketing partnership opps offline as well as on LinkedIn between women from their area.

Coffee & Chat

Once a month, a 60-minute group virtual cup of coffee via Google Meet to help you …

  • Get settled into the 1MWLU
  • Brainstorm and share ideas
  • Attract collaborative marketing partners for their campaigns by providing everyone the call with a PDF overview on the spot
  • Discover new PR/spokeswoman opps (print, web, podcast, and video) to piggyback on 1MWLU
  • Refresher

Collaborative Marketing Bootcamp

LinkedIn Collaborative Marketing Bootcamp as part of onboarding to get your creative juices flowing & set the stage for your 1MWLU co-marketing activities.

Marketing Cluster

Assigned to a Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich Marketing Cluster of 5 to 10 women after going through onboarding — Together you will develop and implement high-powered national/international marketing campaigns that tie together your individual businesses so you can funnel traffic and clients to each other. You will also keep each other on track to build your individual LinkedIn Team 100.

LinkedIn Team 100

Tools and networking resources to develop, grow, nurture and cross-pollinate your individual LinkedIn Team 100 – female LinkedIn members who commit to sharing your content daily, weekly, or monthly.

LinkedIn Co-Advertising Campaigns

The 1MWL brings together women whose products and services complement each other. Thus they are able to market to each other’s clients. We will be exploring LinkedIn’s various advertising options by investing $25 each month to see which one(s) produces the best results.

Regional or Metro Chapter

Assigned to a Regional or Metro Chapter when one becomes available to enhance the national/international collaborative marketing partnership opportunities provided by your Marketing Cluster. The virtual chapters are an extension of the One Million Woman Link Up that will foster local and metro collaborative marketing partnerships using LinkedIn while supporting the Shop Local movement.

Profile Parties

Fun get-togethers facilitated via Google Meet in which new and seasoned 1MWLU participants add their Women Partner Profiles, podcasts, articles, videos, and more to It’s an opportunity to get to know each other, gain followers, and scope out ways to build stunning profiles.

Marketing to Women Co-Working Sessions

Piggyback with Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich on its marketing activities. Partner on our LinkedIn business lists by plugging your female LinkedIn connections into them, get featured in our articles that showcase collaborative marketing in actions, serve as special guests for podcasts we are invited to take part in and get plugged into our collaborative marketing projects (Bi-annual branded magazine, Twitter Community, ebooks, & more).

Women Partner Week

Monthly virtual co-work sessions implemented to co-create content that ties together your individual marketing campaign with those of the other powerhouse women in your assigned Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich marketing cluster. The co-marketing content will incorporate LinkedIn Stories (video), LinkedIn Cover Stories (video)  LinkedIn Publishing Platform, LinkedIn Live, LinkedIn Company Pages, Updates, LinkedIn Events, etc., to gain access to each other’s feeds. 

Monthly E-Mixers Specifically Tailored for Female Linked Users

Participate in your business attire, loungewear, or PJs in between taking care of your business & personal responsibilities regardless of the time zone.

Partner With Me Audit

Analysis of your marketing assets to ensure you get the most out of your 1MWLU involvement.


Reduced fees for special events, courses, and services offered by our strategic partners. Includes special event pricing offered for 1MWLU participants by chapters whether or not you are a member of them.



Introduce Yourself

We will keep you updated on the progress of our 2021 Influential Women LinkedIn Business Lists so you can request to be included. The lists include Influential African American Business Women You Should Follow On LinkedIn; Phenomenal Female B2B Authors Who Can Take Your Business to the Next Level; 200,000 Business Introductions: Female LinkedIn Members Who See the Value in Rising to the Top Together; & more.

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