Partner to Grow Your Female Client Base Using LinkedIn as Your Marketing Playground 


Ladies, whether your offline source of clients has dried up due to the coronavirus pandemic or your online business has slowed down because of it, your focus should be monetizing your LinkedIn membership to not only survive but THRIVE.  How many of LinkedIn’s 360 million female members do you interact with on a daily basis? Probably not enough to impact your bottom line. Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich can help you change that. 

Regional chapters managed by small committees along with metro chapters managed by powerhouse individual businesswomen are in the works for 2021 to enhance Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich’s powerhouse business initiative/movement, the One Million Woman Link Up. The virtual chapters will foster local and metro collaborative marketing partnerships between time-starved businesswomen and help them improve their LinkedIn skills while supporting the Shop Local movement. Chapters will join forces with brick & mortar women to give shopping events exclusively for female entrepreneurs. Membership is exclusively for One Million Woman Link Up participants.

Pilot chapters for Metro Atlanta, Chicagoland, and Kansas City will be the first to roll out.  Donna Smith Bellinger of Group Endeavors will head Chicagoland Women Partner, Audrey Bell Kearney of Noise Media Network, LLC will head Metro Atlanta Women Partner, and Kim Beasley of Kim Beasley Consulting will head Kansas City Metro Women Partner

  • Audrey is a big idea outside the box thinker who will help business and professional women turn their messages into a podcast and distribute them on numerous platforms including streaming TV & Amazon Alexa so they can reach global audiences. 
  • Donna, often referred to as the “Fairy Godmother of Sales,” is a sought-after podcast guest, speaker, and trainer on a variety of sales-related topics including You Lost Me @ Hello (based on her book of the same title).
  • Kim is an introvert entrepreneur coach who helps introverts grow their business online and a WordPress whisperer for corporate clients by providing training and support desk services.

Chapter members, as well as the other women involved in the One Million Woman Link Up, will have access not only to their expertise but that of some of the most talented women from the Metro Atlanta, Chicago, and Kansas City areas.

In addition to the expansive perks provided by the One Million Woman Link Up, chapter perks include:

  • Private Online Community: Highlight individual products and services; upload podcasts, articles, videos; network while working on local collaborative marketing projects; and more in the online community set up exclusively for each metro chapter.
  • LinkedIn Business Exchange: Complimentary monthly virtual mixer with one or more Metro chapters. Speed networking circles in which participants exchange LinkedIn circles; share what they are working on to advance their business; and pitch each other to collaborate on newsletter series, special events, podcasts, surveys, etc.
  • Link Ups: Virtual events that help the local business community link up and improve their LinkedIn skills while networking with One Million Woman Link Up participants.
  • Business workshops facilitated by chapter leaders. Complimentary and fee-based.
  • One Million Women Partner & Shop Small Series: Collaborative marketing pitch and shopping event for local business and professional women. Brick & mortar women will be able to introduce their businesses, offer exclusive discounts, and pitch female entrepreneurs to partner with them to boost their online and offline foot traffic.
  • Leadership Opps: Chapter members can request to lead LinkUps events for women-owned businesses in their city. 

Economic recovery will happen from the bottom up in cities around the globe through collaborative business relationships between business and professional women. Get involved in the One Million Woman Link Up to gain access to the Atlanta Women Partner, Chicagoland Women Partner, or Kansas City Women Partner chapter. Download the FAQ.

About the One Million Woman Link Up

Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich’s vision is to be the catalyst that changes the way women view and use LinkedIn for marketing collaboration to grow their sales and support each other so they can build multi-million dollar ventures. The One Million Woman Link Up is a powerhouse business initiative/movement launched by Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich to spark collaborative marketing relationships between 1,000,000 professional, Main Street & virtual business women so they can thrive INSTEAD OF just survive by cross-pollinating their marketing skills and female LinkedIn connections along with their pocketbooks. Women can use their involvement to sell out their events; catapult their book and ecourse sales; fill up their coaching and consulting hours; grow their membership base; keep their cash registers full; and so much more.

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