The three-part “100 Women Partner & Shop Local” article series promotes virtual business women, Main Street and professional women coming together now to prep and partner to boost their revenue on Small Business Saturday (November 30, 2019). The three-part article series will be developed over the next few months. Part two will feature interviews with Main Street business and professional women who share the  specialized marketing needs of brick & mortar businesses as well as the marketing opportunities they can provide virtual business women. Part 3 will feature business and professional women who specialize in helping women grow their visibility and sales.

The Article Series Introduces
  • Collaborative marketing partnership preferences of female LinkedIn members involved in the One Million Woman Link Up.
  • Buzz-worthy PR holidays along with tips on how to utilize them to help women keep all eyes on their businesses.


  • Info about the Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich! MILLIONAIRESS Event series for aspiring 7 figure business and professional women who see the value in building lucrative collaborative marketing partnerships.
  • Advice on how to vet prospective collaborative marketing partners.
Spark Small Business Saturday Networking Events In Cities Around the Globe

The article series will lay the foundation for Smart Women Partner & Shop Local Events that will take place on Small Business Saturday in cities around the globe.

The hour long events will present local business and professional women with an opportunity to exchange business cards and LinkedIn information while taking advantage of exclusive holiday shopping deals.

Article Series Sponsors 

Tammie Terrell Polk

Tammie Terrell Polk

Memphis, Tennessee

Tammie Terrell Mompreneur Coaching

Interested in partnering with: Mompreneurs; training professionals; nonprofits who help women start businesses; church personnel; and business educators.

I use my books as the staples for my coaching programs, which are designed to inspire, encourage, uplift, and equip women to eliminate excuses and excel in life and business.

Petra Fisher

Petra Fisher

Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

Petra Fisher Consulting

Interested in partnering with: Marketing Director of Global Corporation who sees the importance of LinkedIn; Career coach who is part of an organisation; Relocation Manager who supports staff in global transition; Business coach for entrepreneurs who are at least 3 years in business; Personal Branding Expert.

I help global entrepreneurs and senior professionals establish a LinkedIn Presence that resonates with ages with, and naturally attracts, your ideal dream client or employer.

Barbara Maulding

Barbara Maulding

Greater Chicago Area

Creative Space Online Counseling & Coaching, LLC

Interested in partnering with: Business coaches; wellness, health/fitness professionals; corporations; and leadership.  

I help people learn more about themselves whether that’s sales style, work styles, management skills, team cohesion, wellness and healthier lifestyle, etc.


Main Street and professional women gain access to the marketing skills unique to virtual business women.

Virtual business women gain access to marketing exposure previously out of reach to them.

100 Women Partner & Shop Local

Connecting the Marketing Dots Between Professional, Main Street & Virtual Business Women

The vision of the One Million Woman Link Up is to be the catalyst that changes the way women view and use LinkedIn for business collaboration to grow their sales and support each other so they can build multi-million dollar ventures. 

Access Virtual Marketing Expertise From Online Biz Women

One of the goals of the One Million Woman Link Up is ensuring that Main Street business and professional women are able to access the invaluable online marketing skills of local virtual business women to push their monthly marketing messages on LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Access Marketing Expertise From Main Street & Professional Women

In return for promoting them, professional and Main Street businesswomen provide virtual businesswomen with physical space to gain access to their foot traffic (they can hand out info or gift bags, give special events, etc.) and offline marketing exposure in their press releases, signage on their counter, inserts in shopping bags, etc., to drive traffic to their websites.



Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich! Millionairess Events offer aspiring 7 figure women the opportunity to inject their business DNA into each other’s marketing campaigns while they piggyback on the One Million Woman Link Up. Participants of the millionairess tribe building events combine their marketing resources and strengths along with their business expertise to develop and implement a high-powered collaborative marketing campaign that ties together their individual business so they can funnel traffic and clients to each other.  More Info
Piggyback on the One Million Woman Link Up.

Partner & Shop Local Directory

Information gathered from some of the women involved in the One Million Woman Link Up is shared below in a digest business directory. Review their partnering preferences and invite them to connect on LinkedIn. Then strike up a conversation about partnering locally as well as online.

Jerrilynn B. Thomas
Founder, One Million Woman Link Up
Douglasville, GA

Premier Founding Partner

Interested in partnering with …

  • LinkedIn experts that give monthly webinars
  • Leaders of networking groups & professional business associations
  • Business coaches that give monthly webinars
  • Marketing consultants
  • Business image development consultants
Donna McAlister
Viable Virtual Services, LLC 
Marietta, GA

Interested in partnering with: Entrepreneurs that specialize in assisting women over 40 grow their businesses; Virtual Assistants that specialize in ecommerce businesses; Business Coaches that specialize in IT; and Business coaches that specialize in helping entrepreneurs who’ve been in business for 0-2 years.

LinkedIn Profile

Deborah Thorne

The Information Diva
Culver City, CA

Premier Founding Partner

Interested in partnering with: Business and professional women who serve women entrepreneurs in transition; and women who are over age 50 and transitioning from career to entrepreneurship. 

LinkedIn Profile


Jessie Nunez
J-Nu Creative
Atlanta, GA

Interested in partnering with: Content marketing experts; business coaches; virtual assistants specializing in creative agency; accountants/tax planners; SEO experts

What Jessie brings to the table to make partnering with her worthwhile is big ideas for small business; timesaving tools and techniques; along with high-end brand mindset and design skills.

LinkedIn Profile

Kathy Bittner

Pink Pineapple Smart Media
Havre De Grace, MD

Premier Founding Partner

Interested in partnering with: Real estate agents, Event planners, Travel /Hospitality industry, Day Spas, Restaurant industry

LinkedIn Profile


Lana McAra
Dismantle Your Conditioning
Frankford, Delaware

Interested in partnering with: Executive coaches who work with leadership; sales trainers who work with struggling sales personnel; business coaches who work with entrepreneurs; dating coaches who work with successful women who struggle to find a good relationship; and entrepreneurs struggling to earn a good income.

LinkedIn Profile

Krista Bordner
Handle Your Own PR
Santa Cruz, CA

Premier Founding Partner

Interested in partnering with: Women owned businesses, small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs and coaches

LinkedIn Profile


Dhylles Victoria
Dhylles Victoria Media Experience
Savannah, GA

Creative Enthusiast and Media Concierge assisting Employees transitioning to Entrepreneurs with their creative ideas and turning them into profitable opportunities through social media, media, and networking opportunities.

Interested in partnering with: Speakers, Authors, Coaches, Healers, Intuitives

LinkedIn Profile

Allison Hamilton-Rohe
Silver Spring, MD

Premier Founding Partner

Interested in partnering with: Retail stores looking to increase their presence with professional women; Career, business or speaking coaches who work with women in politics, STEM, on-rampers or women who want to get to the next level; and Non-profit organizations for women’s empowerment, STEM or politics

I am enthusiastic and committed to helping women level-up. I want to see more women in leadership — whether that is in politics, STEM or business. I want to help change the paradigm for mid-level women to eradicate the glass ceiling.

LinkedIn Profile


Alicia Harrington
The Ladies Place for $5
West Palm Beach, FL

Interested in partnering with: Life coaches, Motivational Speakers, Health & Wellness Specialists, Hair salons, and Makeup artists

LinkedIn Profile

Regina Drury
Teach My Kid Business
St. Louis, MO

Premier Founding Partner

Interested in partnering with: Businesses that focus on kids; and businesses that provide entrepreneurship education.

LinkedIn Profile


Jordan Keagan-Ceraso
Keagan’s Concepts
Atlanta, GA

Interested in partnering with: New entrepreneurs, New small businesses, real estate agents, insurance agents and boutiques

LinkedIn Profile

Lolita Walker
Walker & Walker Enterprises, LLC.
Accokeek, MD

Interested in partnering with: HR Executives, CEO’s, Corporate Executives, Speakers, PR Specialists

LinkedIn Profile

Jen Oloo
Yahooty Who?
Los Angeles, CA

Interested in partnering with: Publishers that specialize in online sales for children; Licensing for kid’s; broadcast for animation and children’s programming; children’s toy manufacturing; and Toy distribution

LinkedIn Profile

Robin Wilson
Robin Wilson Home
New York, New York

Interested in partnering with: Real estate agents, domestic violence, older mommies, interior design; asthma/allergy families.

Robin is bringing media training, branding, licensing, consulting, real estate guidance, executive search and marketing strategy to the table to make partnering with her worthwhile.

In 2005, she was first featured in O magazine and newspapers, and then her work was shown in national magazines such as House Beautiful, Essence, and on television. By 2009, she licensed her brand for custom cabinetry (sold at 400 dealers nationwide) and textiles (sold at Bed Bath & Beyond) which began to build  the RWH brand on a national scale. She also wrote her first book, Kennedy Green House(Greenleaf, 2010) with the foreword by her client and environmentalist, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

She partnered with a major pharmaceutical firm to lend her name, presence and commentary regarding design effects on creating a hypo-allergenic home environment. 

LinkedIn Profile

Donna Smith Bellinger
Speaker | Consultative Sales & Business Development for Under-Performing Teams | Sales Training & Consulting
Chicago, Illinois

Premier Founding Partner

Interested in partnering with: Real estate agents, financial planners, business coaches specializing in women over 50, New and established authors, printing companies.

LinkedIn Profile


Erin Perkins
Mabely Q
Gaithersburg, Maryland

Interested in partnering with: Travel Agents/Independent Travel Designers; Business Coaches that specializes in helping women stay true to their core values; copywriters for branding; and Wedding industry specialists (ranging from planners, vendors, etc.)

LinkedIn Profile


Linda Murray Bullard
LSMB Business Solutions, LLC
Chattanooga, TN

Premier Founding Partner

Interested in partnering with: Business coaches who specialize in women over 50

LinkedIn Profile


Deshonda Jennings
Chesterfield, VA

Interested in partnering with: Financial planners

LinkedIn Profile

Melinda Cooper
Living the Dream Business
Dallas, TX

Premier Founding Partner

Interested in partnering with: Event coordinators; women who offer speaking opportunities; and business coaches specializing in women entrepreneurs

LinkedIn Profile


Shoshana Byrne
Woven Journey
Perth, Western Australia

Interested in partnering with: Event Organisers that specialise in weddings; funeral homes that specialise in celebration services; veterinarians that specialise in pet euthanasia; Teachers that specialise in secondary education; and Teachers that specialise in University education

LinkedIn Profile

Athena Gray
B2B Productivity & Systemization Strategist
Valrico, FL

Premier Founding Partner

Interested in partnering with: Productivity App Providers, Entrepreneur Coaches, Virtual Assistant, Women in Business Bloggers and Podcast Providers

LinkedIn Profile


Leslie Cohen
Digital Content Marketing
Los Angeles, CA

Interested in partnering with: Start-up Founders, Journalists, Writers, Marketing Managers, CEO’s

LinkedIn Profile

Wendy Leigh Morina
Tony’s Place, Autism & Special Needs Gym
Blaine, Minnesota

Premier Founding Partner

Interested in partnering with: Exec Directors of Autism organizations, VPs of Charitable giving, CFO of large non-profit; Vp technology company specializing in interactive projection software and presentation technology; retail merchandising gurus with knowledge of special needs items

LinkedIn Profile


Teneisha Robinson
Magnolia Coaching
Memphis, TN

Interested in partnering with: Social media managers, PR pros, and individuals who need help with FB ads

LinkedIn Profile

Alisha White Madison
The Bella Network, LLC
Culver City, CA

Premier Founding Partner

Interested in partnering with: Leadership Development Trainers, Business Coaches, Executive Coaches, Strategy Consultants, Transformational Leadership Coaches

LinkedIn Profile


Pam Knight
Client Business Services & Associates, LLC
Largo, MD

Interested in partnering with: Event Planners, Financial Planners, Program Managers and Corporate Managers

Pam brings knowledge about how to get into government contracting to the table to make partnering with her worthwhile.

LinkedIn Profile

Rebecka Vigus
Rebecka Vigus Writing Coach and Lilac Publishing
Nancy. KY

Premier Founding Partner

Interested in partnering with: Coach for Women over 50, Financial Planner, Anyone Empowering women, Writers, Publishers, Marketing Strategists

LinkedIn Profile


Sharon Jenkins
The Master Communicator’s Writing Service
Houston, TX

Interested in partnering with: Graphics designer; social media strategist; aspiring writers who are business women and men; virtual assistants that specialize in authors; online course creators; women in leadership positions in the top Fortune 50

Sharon brings marketing training expertise, publishing and book coaching expertise, media training, public speaking coaching and ghostwriting to the table to make partnering with her worthwhile.

LinkedIn Profile

A directory that lists the women included in part one

A PDF directory that lists the collaborative marketing partnership preferences of the businesswomen featured in part one of the article series can be requested by clicking hereThe requirement to get featured is purchasing a Mega PITCH package or higher. 

What are you looking for in collaborative marketing partners?

Willingness to be a true partner as we help each other reach out goals is what I’m looking for in my collaborative marketing partners. Website

I’m interested in partnering with:

  1. Organizations whose members’ bottom-line would benefit from learning about WordPress & Social Media
  2. VA who wants to outsource web design or social media management
  3. Corporations who need support desk services
  4. Web designers who need custom WordPress services
  5. Social media manager who needs to outsource social media management services
  6. STEM programs 
Kim Beasley

Agape3 Business Services

Small Business Saturday 2019

The Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich! Millionairess Event series will test the theory of virtual, Main Street and professional women coming together to help each other thrive on Small Business Saturday, November 30, 2019. 

2018 Small Business Saturday sales totaled $17.8 billion from an estimated 104 million consumers both offline and online, according to American Express and the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). Small Business Saturday is an opportunity for women to flex their creative marketing muscles and boost their revenue while making a difference in their communities.

Women who take part in the Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich! Millionairess Event series will close out 2019 harnessing the PR power of Small Business Saturday. The goal is for each of them to build a 10+ woman tribe that has 100% engagement instead of the typical 80/20.

Visit the American Express Shop Small site to acquaint yourself with Small Business Saturday and download the 2019 marketing materials so you can effectively engage with the Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich! Millionairess Event series.

Smart Women Partner to Grow a 7 Figure Business

As a vested One Million Woman Link Up participant , business and professional women qualify to join its Millionairess Circle.  It’s an opportunity for aspiring 7 figure women to support each other’s marketing goals while piggybacking on the One Million Woman Link Up.
Showcase your expertise in front of a growing female audience.

PR Holidays

Members of the One Million Woman Link Up’s Millionairess Circle will explore PR holidays that allow them to engage in collaborative marketing activities online and offline leading up to Small Business Saturday (November 30, 2019). Incorporate some of them into your spring and summer marketing campaigns.


March – July 2019

  • National Women’s History Month (March)
  • Money Smart Week (March 30 – April 4)
  • Black Women’s History Month (April)
  • Celebrate Diversity Month (April)
  • National Decorating Month (April)
  • National Minority Health Month (April)
  • National Small Business Week (April 28 – May 4)
  • International Coaching Week (April 29 – May 5)
  • Family Reunion Month (May)
  • International Business Image Improvement Month (May)
  • Go Fetch! Food Drive for Homeless Animals Month (May)
  • Latino Books Month (May)
  • Military Appreciation Month (May)
  • Mystery Month (May)
  • Dating and Life Coach Recognition Week (May 5 – 11)
  • National Women’s Health Week (May 12 – 18)
  • Work at Home Moms Week (May 12 – 18)
  • Caribbean-American Heritage Month (June)
  • Entrepreneurs “Do it Yourself” Marketing Month (June)
  • Women’s Golf Month (June)
  • National Nail Polish Day (June 1)
  • National Lemonade Days (June 1 – 9) Link Childhood cancer fundraiser
  • National Business Etiquette Week (June 2 – 8)
  • Independent Retailer’s Month (July)
  • More will be listed in Part 2 & 3

The Millionairess Circle Money Perk

The “money” perk of being a part of the Millionairess Circle is having your business expertise positioned in front of One Million Woman Link Up participants who expressed an interest in the products and services provided by your type of business. This is done through niche joint content development and intimate online events that allow you to shine a spotlight on your business superpowers.

Smart Partnering 

How to Capitalize on PR Holidays

March is Women’s History Month. Do a featured piece on your female clients and publish it on LinkedIn’s publishing platform as well as your blog and or newsletter. Get together with your female clients to discuss collaboration ideas.

March 30 – April 4 is Money Smart Week. Invite your female LinkedIn connections who specialize in mortgages, financial planning, retirement, etc., to take part in an educational podcast. 

April is Black Women’s History Month. Invite your African American female LinkedIn connections for a business pow wow via teleconference or online meeting venue. Introduce them to each other and discuss how all of you can do business together.

Military Appreciation Month is May.  Spotlight your self-employed female LinkedIn connections who are in the military with a shout out along with a link to their website. Invite them to set up a time to chat via phone or LinkedIn messaging to discuss how you can help each other.

May is Mystery Month. Partner with a local business to host a mystery book night for local female mystery writers.  Partner with other businesses to cover the cost of hors-d’oeuvres and wine.

June is Entrepreneur “Do It Yourself” Marketing Month. It’s an opportunity for women who offer marketing advice via newsletter, groups, books, podcasts, etc., to come together to give a virtual conference or host a Q&A that showcases their expertise so they can grow their mailing lists.

    Vetting Tips

    Vet your prospective collaborative marketing partners by getting the answers to the questions below using a Google Form. 

    Who is your ideal client?

    What types of collaborative marketing projects are you interested in partnering on?

    What is your business mission?

    What are your marketing strengths and weaknesses?

    How are you currently using LinkedIn to build awareness of your business?

    What online and offline networking groups do you belong to?

    What can you bring to the table to make partnering with you worthwhile?

    How are you currently marketing and promoting your business?

    Does the idea of pooling micro funds ($30 or less) and marketing knowledge to create and implement monthly or holiday giveaways that allow you to grow your mailing list appeal to you?

    What’s your top 2019 marketing goal?

    What differentiates your business from your competition? 

    Jerrilynn B. Thomas is the founder of the One Million Woman Link Up. The powerhouse business initiative educates aspiring 7 figure women on how to monetize their LinkedIn membership by forging lucrative collaborative marketing partnerships with like-mind business and professional women so they can sell out their events, catapult their book sales, fill up their coaching hours and more. Visit to learn more about the One Million Woman Link Up.