Our Target Audience

It makes good business sense to surround yourself with those who are on the same mission as you. That’s exactly what Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich is doing. We are surrounding ourselves with high powered B2B business and professional women whose products and services complement ours so we can funnel leads and clients to each other.


Business/networking experts/organizers who specialize in women’s business events (retreats, cruises, mixers, seminars, conferences, pop-ups, etc.) who want to fill their seats and sell their sponsorship/advertising packages.


Authors that specialize in B2B topics who want to secure contributors; speaking engagements (virtual/in-person) that allow them to sell their books; in-person events to sell their books at in exchange for promoting the event; launch a book club; etc.

Coaches & Consultants

Business coaches/consultants who give webinars and or create e-courses who want to fill their seats, sell their sponsorship/advertising packages, and attract speaking engagements.

Biz Service & Product Suppliers

Business and professional women who provide support services and products (VA, video creation, website development, mobile marketing, content creation, etc.) that are looking for exposure and new clients.

Podcasters & Vloggers

Podcasters/vloggers as well as vodcasters who are looking to expand their female audience; fill their guest spots; and secure sponsors/advertisers.

Leaders of membership groups & sites

Leaders of women’s business groups/membership sites who want to grow or monetize their membership and secure advertisers/sponsors.

Partner, Prospect & Prosper

Ladies, whether your offline source of clients has dried up due to the coronavirus pandemic or your online business has slowed down because of it, your focus should be monetizing your LinkedIn membership to not only survive but THRIVE.  How many of LinkedIn’s 360 million female members do you interact with on a daily basis? Probably not enough to impact your bottom-line. Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich can help you change that. 

1. Re-engage With Your Female LinkedIn Connections & Make New Acquaintances

Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich facilitates innovative virtual business events (Women Partner Week, Marketing to Women Week, Virtual PJ Parties & more) each month that will help you re-engage with your female LinkedIn connections who have been gathering “dust”. You will also get to know and engage in top-level collaborative marketing partnerships with female LinkedIn members who see the value in rising to the top together.

2. Promote Your Search for Collaborative Marketing Partners & Your Sponsorship Opps

Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich provides a platform for you to post info about your upcoming book release/tour, website launch, online course launch, webinar, conference, podcast, vodcast, and more along with any sponsorship opps they provide. Combine your marketing resources and strengths along with your business expertise with like-mind women to develop and implement high-powered collaborative marketing campaigns that tie together your individual businesses so you can funnel traffic and clients to each other. 

3. Micro Collaborative Marketing Projects That Focus on Monetizing LinkedIn’s Key Features

Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich develops innovative bite-size collaborative marketing projects that integrate LinkedIn’s key features — Company Pages, Groups, Updates, Slideshare, Publishing Platform, Profiles, Events, Connections, Background Images, Newsletters, Product Pages, Featured Pinned Posts on Profiles & Pages — that you can quickly implement to capitalize on buzzworthy PR holidays to strategically boost your visibility on the professional networking platform. 

4. Explore Numerous Collaborative Marketing Strategies With Virtual & Brick & Mortar Businesses

Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich 2021 collaborations will explore all types of collaborative marketing partnerships — co-branding, social media takeovers, piggyback marketing, content marketing, referral marketing, distribution partnerships, joint surveys & more — that connect women-owned brick & mortar businesses and professional women who sell real estate services, travel planning, women’s clothing, food & spirits, insurance and more with complementary virtual business women so they can all survive and thrive during and beyond this recession by capitalizing on each other’s unique marketing strengths.

Introduce Yourself

We will keep you updated on the progress of our 2021 Influential Women LinkedIn Business Lists so you can request to be included. The lists include Influential African American Business Women You Should Follow On LinkedIn; Phenomenal Female B2B Authors Who Can Take Your Business to the Next Level; 200,000 Business Introductions: Female LinkedIn Members Who See the Value in Rising to the Top Together; & more.

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