Striking Out on Your Own in 2021

Congratulations on your decision to start your own business and wanting to learn how to grow your startup business using LinkedIn. You probably used LinkedIn to keep up with your fellow workers and potential job opportunities. However, there is another side to LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a source of powerhouse B2B networking and sales opportunities that can catapult your startup business. Use the list below to grow your startup business using LinkedIn to cultivate business relationships that can help you get your startup off the ground.

Tips to help grow your startup business on LinkedIn

Educate yourself about LinkedIn’s features and how to use them to your business advantage. Learn all that you can about LinkedIn Profiles and Company Pages. They are your prime assets. Start with LinkedIn’s blog and LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions. Then move on to the Social Media Examiner to fine-tune your LinkedIn skills.

Update your LinkedIn profile to reflect your new business. Utilize the expert tips provided by LinkedIn’s blog and Social Media Also, read How To Create An Impressive Linkedin Profile published on The B2B House. Explore the profiles of similar business people to fine-tune your profile.

Use a headline analyzer like the one on the Advanced Marketing Institute to ensure your LinkedIn headline hits a home run straight out the gate. Use your headline to promote your business. It will show up every time you post on LinkedIn thus serving as your business billboard.

Add promotional videos and other pertinent info as your featured content to promote your business. Use Lumen5 or a similar video creation tool to create your videos. Follow the ideas contained in the article The First 3 Videos Your Small Business Should Make.

Ask some of your business associates and former colleagues to provide recommendations and endorse your skills. When you have these on your profile, it gives you more authority in your industry. It’s also a great way to strengthen the connection between you and a first-degree contact. Their feedback also helps to showcase what they admire about your capabilities.

Look for LinkedIn groups that expand your business knowledge as well as offer a source of prospective clients. As soon as your membership is approved, introduce yourself. Keep it low-key to avoid being accused of promoting your business. Scroll through the discussion topics and respond to a couple of them that allow you to shine a spotlight on your expertise. Acquaint yourself with group rules and content schedules.

You will need a new background image for your profile as well as your LinkedIn Company Page. Here’s a resource that can help you update your background image: 10 LinkedIn Background Photo Ideas To Make Your Profile Stand Out.

Your LinkedIn profile promotes you. You need a LinkedIn Company Page to promote your business. LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions and Social Media Examiner are fantastic sources of info to help you set up a LinkedIn Company Page to strategically promote your business. Before you set up your page, research your competition’s pages.

Create a press release to announce the opening of your business using LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform. Share it in your feed, on your LinkedIn Company Page, and on groups that you are a member of. Add it to your LinkedIn profile as a featured item. Ask your current LinkedIn connections to share it in their feeds. Use LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform to showcase your expertise and your clients. Read 10 Reasons to Take Advantage of the LinkedIn Publishing Platform for additional tips.

Now that you have your LinkedIn Profile and Company Page in place, you need a new “crop” of LinkedIn connections made up of your target audience. This means that you need to cultivate LinkedIn connections who can help you grow your startup business. Add the links to your email signature, business cards, etc. Take part in LinkedIn Challenges. There are a lot of them on Facebook. You can spend a week or longer with 500+ LinkedIn members growing your LinkedIn business skills who are potential connections. 

As you work to grow your startup business on LinkedIn, make sure to use your LinkedIn groups to identify people who cater to your target audience as well as those that fit within your target audience. Send them personalized connection requests to not only connect but to form LinkedIn content-sharing alliances with the possibility of creating joint content to publish on LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform.

Find out if any of your business connections have LinkedIn Live accounts. Offer to be a guest and promote their videos. Read How to Get More Connections on LinkedIn with 6 Little-Used Ways for more tips.

LinkedIn is in constant change. Subscribe to LinkedIn’s blog to keep up with new features. Good luck with your startup.

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