Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich! will kick off a year-long tour of LinkedIn’s women in biz community starting with the areas that were impacted by Hurricane Harvey, Irma, Maria, Florence, and Michael.

We will spotlight the business and professional women who are in need of strategic collaborative marketing partnerships to get their businesses back on course. Niche online events will be made available to help them put together their dream collaborative marketing tribe using LinkedIn.

More info will be available soon. If you know someone we should spotlight, contact Jerrilynn.

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The One Million Woman Link Up does not offer memberships. Membership implies something will be done for you. Whereas the women who get involved will work together to build the One Million Woman Link Up so it can benefit their bottom-line. Free and fee-based involvement is available to accommodate different budgets and business goals. The “fee” for participating in any project or event is simply helping to grow the One Million Woman Link Up by bringing two female LinkedIn connections into the movement.

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