"Crowdsourcing is a great way to approach creation because in any given point there's always somebody on the Internet who knows something better than you do. "

– Guy Kawasaki


Women’s business initiative

To catapult the growth of the One Million Woman Link Up we are organizing a crowdsourcing campaign on LinkedIn so we can reduce the amount of time and money it takes to accomplish our goal of sparking collaborative marketing relationships between 1,000,000 professional, Main Street & virtual business women.

Crowdsourcing is the practice of turning to a body of people to obtain needed knowledge, goods or services. Business women and men can take advantage of numerous complimentary limited participation options that offer PR and advertising in exchange for forming an alliance to help build the One Million Woman Link Up.

Women Helping to Build the One Million Woman Link Up

Kathy Bitner is the example of a new One Million Woman Link Up participant who saw the value in not only getting involved but also offering to create a branded video that other participants could share to promote the movement. It’s a win-win for all involved.  Invite Kathy to connect on LinkedIn.

Pink Pineapple Smart Media

Kim Beasley stepped up to set up and polish the template for SmartWomenPartner.com. She has graciously volunteered to keep the site updated and recommend plugins to ensure it’s cutting edge. It’s a win win marketing relationship. Invite Kim to connect on LinkedIn.

Agape3 Business Services

Help Us Reach 1,000,000 Women

Limited participation options provide PR and advertising in exchange for forming an alliance to help build the One Million Woman Link Up. You can select one or more from the list.

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2020 Bonus Advertising Perk: Purchase a Premier Corporate Founding Partner package and your 3 lines of marketing gold will include …

  • Share what’s innovative and exciting about your business along with how you can help women thrive in 2020.
  • Share the types of businesses you are interested in cross marketing with in 2020.
  • Share what you would like them to bring to the table to make partnering with them worthwhile.

Do you belong to a women’s networking group (in-person or virtual) whose members could benefit from a complimentary LinkedIn 101 for Women tele-seminar?  The one-hour tele-events will help them navigate LinkedIn’s ever-changing site, discover shortcuts, update their profiles, grow their female LinkedIn connections, provide answers their personal questions and offer tips on how to incorporate collaboration into their daily activities on the professional network.

Serve as the go-between with the leader and the One Million Woman Link Up to get the group on our calendar for a free seminar and we will make you a sponsor of the event. As such, your business would be included in the joint press releases and in the custom PDF workbook given to participants.


We want to WOW the women who get involved in One Million Woman Link Up by providing them with high-quality products and services they can use to advance their collaborative marketing campaigns and sales.

Insert an item in the next 100 Virtual Swag Bags given to the women who get involved in the One Million Woman Link Up. As thanks, your news brief will be published on SmartWomenPartner.com and shared on LinkedIn’s publishing platform. Your logo, link to your site, and info about complimentary product or service will be added the promo materials for our drive.

We are looking for innovative products and services (info products, memberships, consultations, advertising, support services, etc.) that our dynamic women can use and share info about on their LinkedIn accounts and with their clients thus introducing your business to a wider audience.

DONATE 30 - 60 MINUTES OF YOUR BIZ EXPERTISE To Help Grow the One Million Woman Link Up

Do you have a skill that could help the One Million Woman Link Up reach its target number goal? If so, pitch us. We can turn our collaboration into an educational video, podcast, web series, etc., published on SmartWomenPartner.com, in our newsletter and on the One Million Woman Link Up’s social media accounts.  The number of times you donate your expertise is up to you.  Depending on the cost of the product or service, you will receive:


  • Up to a 12 month listing in our Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich business directory
  • Mention in our newsletter
  • Link to your collaboration content in the on-boarding materials given to our partners
Business and professional men can get involved in the crowdsourcing campaign

Men can support the growth of the One Million Woman Link Up. If their target audience is primarily women, it’s a perfect way to position themselves in front of them.

Online media alliance with bloggers, podcasters, vloggers, etc.

Do you blog, vlog, podcast, etc.? If you allow one of our One Million Woman Link Up ambassadors to provide a brief quote about the movement along with their interest in partnering, we will promote your show or blog in our business resource section on SmartWomenPartner.com so you can attract our partners and search engines. Each month, we will assign a different ambassador to provide the quote to keep things fresh.


Partner on a special 72 hour virtual meet and greet for 10+ female LinkedIn connections from your state so they can learn about the alliance opportunities offered by the One Million Woman Link Up while showcasing their business – top products and services, BIG news, goals, problems they are having with business and so much more  while leisurely networking.

You will be able to gather business intelligence from their responses that can be used to pitch them on purchasing your products and services.  Their gifts for networking is a list of the partnering preferences of the other participants so they can reach out and discuss forming collaborative business relationships with them and a spotlight in our newsletter.

As thanks for getting a minimum of 10 women to participate, your business story will be spotlighted in our newsletter and showcased on SmartWomenPartner.com.


Are you knowledgeable about the Shop Local movement in your area? If so, you are welcome to be a part of our Shop Local Movement Task Force.

The task force will share their knowledge of the Shop Local movement, gather the needs of local women-owned businesses, find out about cross promotion opportunities provided by brick & mortar businesses, etc. The information will be turned into a special report that is distributed to One Million Woman Link Up partners.

As thanks, you will be listed in the special report and the press releases distributed to promote it. In short, it will provide you with networking and publicity.  Your full page business profile will be published in the Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich directory section for 4 months.


As part of the One Million Link Up, a virtual tour is underway to spotlight female LinkedIn members who live in the top 10 US states for women in business while exploring key trends.

We will delve deeper into LinkedIn by spotlighting women who live in 25 of the top global cities for women in business. We will continue our tour by introducing women who live in 14 of the top countries for business women.

While touring the top countries, we will network with women who live in the top 10 American cities for businesswomen and the top 19 cities around the globe for women to launch a successful business.

By the time we finish our tour, we will have met female LinkedIn members from the US, Canada, UK, Africa, Africa, Australia, Sweden and more.  By recommending your female connections to be showcased as part of the tour, it will provide you with an opening to reconnect and discuss what’s new and exciting with your business without coming off as being salesy.

You will be listed in the Thank You section of the article that showcases the women you recommended with a link back to your LinkedIn profile.

promotional alliance with linkedin experts

Are you a LinkedIn expert who gives webinars, teleseminars as well as live talks? If so, we would like to promote you in exchange for you carving out 3 minutes on an ongoing basis to allow one of our One Million Woman Link Up ambassadors to briefly share info about our movement in addition to including a blurb in your newsletter.

As thanks, we will promote your paid and free events as well as where you are a guest speaker in our new LinkedIn experts section on SmartWomenPartner.com so that our partners and search engines can access the info.


alliance with niche linkedin & marketing to women experts

Do you specialize in a niche women’s business audience (coaches, virtual assistants, real estate agents, etc.)? Partner to survey them to find out what their specific LinkedIn and business needs are. By cross-pollinating our LinkedIn and marketing to women prowess, we will reach more women than we could on our own.  Submit one question for inclusion in the survey along with a coupon for your services.

We can use the business intelligence to create new products and services. The business expert who gets the most women to take the survey will have their banner ad placed on SmartWomenPartner.com for  3 months.



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