Women Partner Week

Signature Event for Women Who Want to Rise to the Top Together

Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich signature marketing event, Women Partner Week, provides a continual source of business and professional women who can add value to your marketing projects as: 



Advisory board members


Leaders to launch local & online chapters




Social media influencers


Website sponsors & collaborators


Event sponsors & collaborators




Suppliers of items for gift bags & drawings



Gain Access to Valuable Marketing Resources

Women Partner Week offers time-starved business and professional women the opportunity to build awareness of their entrepreneurial ventures and forge high-powered collaborative marketing partnerships with female LinkedIn members from around the globe who see the value in rising to the top together.


The innovative monthly virtual event brings together women from the US and international areas to network and collaborate using LinkedIn Events. By simply answering targeted discussion topics, participants are able to share info about their current marketing project and pitch attendees to allow them to gain access to their marketing resources so they can accelerate the implementation of their marketing campaigns. The resources include:


Business expertise


Mailing list


Social networking connections


Podcast audience


Event attendees


Online and in-person networking groups



3 Quick Facts

1. Women Partner Week Will Take You on a Virtual Tour of LinkedIn's Women in Biz Community

Participation is complimentary for business and professional women involved in the One Million Woman Link Up. However, one-time guest invites are available for women who are located in an area or part of an target audience in which an event is planned for. A waiting list is available for women who would like to receive a notice about when a Women Partner Week event is planned for their area, industry or niche audience.

Innovative metro mash-ups like New York City (NY), London (UK), and Toronto (CN); Auckland (NZ), Austin (TX), and Atlanta (GA); San Juan (PR), San Antonio (TX), San Diego (CA); and more are planned for 2021 Women Partner Week events to introduce collaborative spirited business and professional from around the globe to each other.

2. One-Time Opportunity As a Guest to Participate

Participation is complimentary for business and professional women involved in the One Million Woman Link Up. However, one-time guest invites are available for women who are located in an area in which an event is planned. A waiting list is available for women who would like to receive a notice about when a Women Partner Week event is planned for their area.

3. Women Partner Week Events Take Place on LinkedIn.com

The LinkedIn Events feature is used to promote and host Women Partner Week events. We network and collaborate using an event page. You can network at your leisure. Bookmark the page for reference during and after the event. You are able to message participants as well as invite your LinkedIn connections to join the conversation.

Women Partner Week LinkedIn Events FAQ

You get out of Women Partner Week what you put into it. Respond to the discussion topics. Invite 20 or more of your female LinkedIn connections who live in the areas covered by the event to take advantage of a complimentary one-time guest pass. Connect with participants “from a place of” collaboration NOT selling. Most people on LinkedIn are inundated with sales emails on a daily basis.  The smartest way to harness LinkedIn’s economic power is to forge collaborative business relationships with them.

Where to find your event invite on LinkedIn
Check “My Network”, the section where your LinkedIn invites appear for event invites.
How to invite your female LinkedIn connections?
When you access the event page, visit the section that lists the guests. You will see the link to invite your LinkedIn connections.
Where to find the link to the event on your LinkedIn account

Once you accept an invite to participate in an event, the name and link are listed on the home page of LinkedIn in the left sidebar under the list of groups that you are a member of. You will see the heading “Events” with a + sign to the right of it.

How to network & participate in Women Partner Week?

Women Partner Week events are not conducted via Zoom or any other online video conference platform. Since they are for LinkedIn female members, they take place on LinkedIn to facilitate the ease of interaction.

The same link/event page that you accept your invite from and read the details about the event is where you will network and participate in Women Partner Week. The time zone is always Eastern.

Before the start of Women Partner Week targeted discussion topics are added to the event page. They will show up in your LinkedIn feed. A list of the discussion topics with the direct link to the individual posts is sent out via LinkedIn messenger to all participants. Participants are also tagged in special posts to alert them to respond.


Things you should do before participating in a Women Partner Week Event
  • Spruce up your LinkedIn profile
  • Publish an article on LinkedIn's publishing platform that showcases your expertise so you can gain followers for your LinkedIn content.
  • Create a giveaway to share
  • Freshen up your bio on your site


Previous Participants

Connect & Collaborate With Them

Yvonne DiVita

Book and Business Coach. Author of The Smart Woman's Guide to BIG IDEA Success

DISCUSSION TOPIC: Introduce yourself and take us on a quick “tour” of your business journey. We want to get to know you.

Hello everyone! Greetings from sunny downtown Binghamton, NY! That's a joke because it's never sunny in Binghamton, NY. Well, almost never. I'm a book coach. I am on a mission to get more women to write books. Successful women everywhere are sharing on social media with DIY content, and blog posts, and webinars, but they shy away from putting all of that great content in a book that their sister business professionals could read and learn from! A book can be the beginning of a speaking career – or it can revive one that has gone a bit stale. A book is a great introduction to who you are and what your business is about. A book is a testament to your expertise and professionalism and gives you immediate credibility with your audience. As a former book publisher, I know the ins and outs of writing a book and getting it published. I just launched a new ebook on Amazon this week. I am also a former Co-Founder of a successful online influencer community for pet bloggers which was acquired by a Fortune 500 company. I've been around a good bit. I know my way around. My job is to nurture you as you move around this chaotic world of being a small business owner – and an author. Find out more at www.nurturingbigideas.com

Cheryl J. Moses

Coaches, Consultants & CEO’s Hire Me to Increase Their Income by Developing a Powerful Brand that Attracts High Quality Clients

DISCUSSION TOPIC: What types of business and professional women would make a great fit for you to collaborate with to grow your female client base?
Women's groups, event organizers, corporations, and decision-makers. All leading to opportunities for speaking and brand development.

Janae McEwen

ASK BlueJae Inc. Virtual Business Consulting: Simple and Streamlined Solutions

DISCUSSION TOPIC: What can you bring to the table to make partnering with you worthwhile?
I can bring in a strong eye for details, a thought-provoking mindset with an ability to streamline processes. My project management skills are stellar and focus on providing simple and solutions as we tackle their list one at a time. I take the small idea and produce the big picture.

Celeste Purdie

Multi Business Entrepreneur – Realtor, CEO Purdieinc LLC, Founding Brand Partner Neora, Senior Director Independent Brand Partner Nerium Int'l

DISCUSSION TOPIC: Share one to three business tips to showcase your expertise.

Tip #1: Spend time listening to people and connect them with people that can provide solutions. If you have a solution offer it.

Tip #2: Make sure you are bringing women along with you as you grow in your area of expertise. Highlight women around you that are doing great things!

Tip #3: Don't fall into the trap that there have to be winners and losers in your relationships. Your biggest competitor is you so go out and beat your best! You can learn from others in your industry and people can learn from you too!

Introduce Yourself

We will keep you updated on the progress of our 2020 Influential Women LinkedIn Business Lists so you can request to be included. The lists include Influential African American Business Women You Should Follow On LinkedIn; Phenomenal Female B2B Authors Who Can Take Your Business to the Next Level; 200,000 Business Introductions: Female LinkedIn Members Who See the Value in Rising to the Top Together; & more.

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